GALT28“RSVP, Roberta if you think so”, a performance from Ippolita Baldini
written by Marta Calcagno Baldini
Photos by Fabio Bortot

When an actor takes on a role, it is always in part also themselves. And when they play themselves? Will it really be what they are telling you? Ippolita Baldini chose an informal space to bring her new production to life. The young Milanese artist is a graduate of the Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico (The Silvio D’Amico Academy of Dramatic Arts). After “Ti presento un amico” (“I’ll introduce you to my friend”, 2009, directed by Carlo Vanzina), “Quando la notte” (“When at night”, 2010, directed by Cristina Comencini), “Benvenuti al Nord” (“Welcome to the North”, 2011, directed by Luca Miniero), and “Fuori Mira” (“Mira Comes Out”, 2012, directed by Erik Bernasconi), Baldini returns with the performance “RSVP, Roberta se vi pare” (“RSVP, Roberta if you think so”). “Roberta was the name given to me at Baptism, Ippolita is my middle name and now my name as an artist,” she added.

The first nights are experimental performances to give value to her new work: certainly the informality of the locations she has chosen, the fact that they aren’t theaters as such, and the most authentic opinions about the piece will certainly come out. Spaces such as the garden of Marte Milano Arte (via Pagiano 17), an organization founded in June of 2010 by a group of young people with the objective to promote culture and art in Milan, or in the particular confines of the art gallery Galleria d’arte De Magistris, where there is an important print of the photographer Filippo Lambertenghi Delileier’s work “Every story is the truth”.

It’s not the first time that Ippolita Baldini has chosen an informal space as her stage: her project “Teatro in casa”, “Theatre at home”, has brought various performances to private homes in which a casual atmosphere such as a lunch, birthday, corporate dinner or other occasion is enriched by her presence.

To go a party is usually a pleasure, and to choose what to wear in order to present oneself in a certain way is for a woman also an emotional experience, and certainly the expectations for the evening are informed by this choose. For Ippolita this moment seems like a very tough exam. In front of a closet full of beautiful clothes, she has a series of turbulent thoughts which continue to invade her mind, between adventures, flashbacks, people real and imagined, imagined encounters and pieces of reality, here, in front of the closet, a new world opens, and Ippolita lives out all of these various fantasies before stepping foot into the party. Music, action and irony, provoked by the actress, invade the stage. She is alone in the scene, and brings us into her world, certainly comical even if the laughter is nothing other than a way to face the fear of situations not yet resolved in her life. “RSVP, Roberta se vi pare” (RSVP, Roberta, if you think so”), is a stop along the way of the seeker who dares to ask the question: who are we and why are we in this particular world? What does it all mean?

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