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People describe her as the new Franca Valeri. She is Franca’s heir and curse. Ippolita Baldini gave a new form to this italian icon, a new light. She is not an imitator, but an evolved conjugation. Ippolita Baldini is without a doubt bubbly with a hint of spleen. I haven’t taken the responsibilities of a primadonna, she says this with a voice that is sheltered behind her last drink in a hot Rome. She continues to speak with an irony surrounded by her red hair. I need the approval of others. This could derive from a reaction to the carelessness of others when I was a kid, that then transformed and strengthened my sensibility. Having the audience on my side is vital, a desire impossible to remove“.
So Ippolita Baldini became an actress from necessity and got inspiration from the rough voice of Monica Vitti in the Antonioni’s films. She love’s all Antonioni’s films and in particular Zabriskie Point. In the characters that I play I love to find the knot and unravel it.
“Ti presento un amico” directed by Vanzina and then the success with “Welcome to the North” where she played the character of Dodi and at the same time in theatre with “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (she plays a sensual Meg Wildwood the rival of Holly Golightly).
I become a fool, when I feel that a certain atmosphere must be moderated. I invented this thing of Theatre at your door. Since I was a kid I transformed atmospheres. Now I enter people’s homes and do my personal theatre with different monologues. It is a 30’s way to do theatre. When I was a child I loved to amuse my father and make him laugh. My family had light commotions. I am the Nephew of marquise Fassati, we are bourgeois and in this there is a lot of theatre. We are a Noble family from Piemonte that has lost everything and has created a fool. When theatre comes to and from the blood vessels it’s comforting. I think that the little girl that lavished herself in trying to give a smile and a laugh today has created an effect. This could be the reason why wherever I go I always want to come back home to my family. I have came across many living rooms in my trips but the one I have in Milan is home, sweet and sour.

by Francesco Brunacci

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