L’OFFICIEL February 2013

L’OFFICIEL February 2013

The Apology of anger, Anger art and theatre The 21st of April Eleonora Duse dies in Pittsburh. According to the legend her last words were «To live by burning». The fire, to burn and live, and as De Gregori sings in Santa Lucia: «for those who live on the cross way of the winds and are burnt alive». To live by burning, to yield for something, trying with all our strength to fill a distance. In a monologue of Franca Valeri, The panties, there is a rich aristocrat that has a misadventure in a variety shop while she seeks a pair of culottes. The lady describes with disgust the lack of manners and vulgarity of the staff. This script is hilarious and the audience has a lot of fun. In this case the distance that the character tries to make is between the loss of style that was present in the good old times and the arrival of a new form of vulgarity. The leading actor expresses a rage which is absolutely exaggerated and derives from a something hidden. During my lessons at the Academy, Anna Marchesini once said that humor derives from a strong generosity of an actor in showing the audience his wounds. Even Valerio Binasco says that from your wounds light comes out. Anger is kinetic energy, always active, and it explodes with the crisis of the character. I adore the crisis! In this period my crisis is called Mag Wildwood a character that has to decide if marrying a brazilian hunk called Jose Ibarra Jegar or other suitors with more money. I can assure that this is not an easy task. The play is called Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and it’s all set during the 40’s. Holly Golightly is played by Francesca Inaudi. I am  Mag Wildwood and I am always dressed to kill, black velvet, slit, a cape with ivory lining, gloves and white muffs, the final touch is a turban that opens up like a flower a bit like Carmen Miranda. All the clothes were selected by the director Piero Maccarinelli. Alessandro Lai is the costume designer and the dresses come from a tailor shop called Tirelli. In regards to fashion (given that I am writing an article on the bad issue of L’Officiel), Peter Greenway come’s to my mind  in his film The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover with the great costumes of Jean Paul Gautier. The sadomasochistic corselets, the red and black, the dots and boxes that cage the body. Helen Mirren is almost an angel forced in a cage bonded with Michael Nyman soundtrack. This is a tale of anger it’s meat for the slaughterhouse. On the dictionary the definition of anger is: Violent irritation, seldom uncontrollable, after a gross insults, oppositions or delusions (…) a changeable desire, frenzy, fury, a beastly fury, ardor, exceptional violence. I would like to add a fire that arises from the soul and immediately burns up in the body. It starts from the pancreas and propagates itself to the tip of your hair and makes you say and do things you would have never wanted to do. An incredible excitement, a muse for many artists. A scream, like the one of Mina. Alberto Sordi once said: the only person who had the power of blocking everyone, and make them silent even in the noisiest houses. Here she is it’s Mina. She enters with a shriek, oh my God who is it?! Mina, Mina, Mina…. A year ago I did a study for Pedro Almodovar. I discovered that Pedro wanted to do a film on her and I prepared a small showreel where I did the character of Mina. I worked on Mina for 4 months without a break. I had a lot of fun, I worked in an attic in Rome with her voice at full volume. I read all interviews, and watched all her archive material. I decided to perform the song La voce del silenzio One day I sang without thinking, it was freedom of course, but I felt a sense of anger, the same anger that Mina felt when journalist would try to enter in her private life. Anger is poetry. I could go on ages talking about Mina and my characters and the sense of anger and love that I find in them. Always yours with anger, fury and passion. Ippolita Baldini

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